Pre-Session Checklist

Help us provide the best to you

First Impressions are everything

This is the new digital world, people won't come see the listing unless they are impressed with what they see online. Help us grab their attention and never let go by following the steps below.

Whole Home

-Thoroughly clean carpet, hard floors, countertops, and windows

-Turn on all overhead and other lights; including bedside lamps

-Replace all missing or burned out light bulbs using bulbs of same temperature in the same room

-All ceiling fans, tv’s, and computer screens OFF

-Open blinds and window treatments to let in natural light

-Remove personal photographs/replace with generic or landscape

-Make all beds perfectly

-Remove small rugs to reveal floors

-Place shoes and jackets in closets


-Make sure your stainless steel is streak free

-Clear countertops, including knife blocks, toasters, and coffee maker; minimal decorations are ok.

-Clear refrigerator top and clear sides of photos and magnets

-Hide trash cans, remove dishes, sponges, and other items

Dining and Living Rooms

-Use decorative place settings and/or one center piece; such as, flowers

-Remove child booster seats

-Remove stacks of magazines and mail

-De-clutter fireplace mantel

-Fluff and arrange furniture pillows

-Remove overflowing blankets


-Clear nightstands of personal items and charging cables

-Remove all clutter from dresser tops

-Remove family photos from walls

-Clean under beds, removing items that may show in the photographs


-Clear countertops completely; including soap, toothbrushes, etc. (hide these items)

-Toilet lids down

-Close closet doors

-Remove everything from showers and bathtubs; including shower caddies

-Leave out only new, unused, neatly arranged towels

-Remove floor mats

Front Exterior and Backyard

-Remove cars from driveway

-Manicure landscape

-Remove hoses, trash cans, basketball goals, bicycles and toys